Count Down: 10 Days

I'm currently reading Daring Greatly by BrenĂ© Brown. If you're not acquainted with her studies on vulnerability and connection, here is one of her TEDTalks. "...connection, the ability to feel connected... neurobiologically is why we're here." Courage, Compassion, and Connection I'm writing this post from a pretty scary place. I am sharing with the... Continue Reading →

Errandonnee, Biking Everywhere, and Community Building by Bike

Two years ago I challenged myself to accomplish more by bike. It didn't take long for the change to sink in, but I was lucky to have a group of supportive people around to push me. Each day I chose to ride instead of drive or bus, I could feel my brain reorganizing itself, melting... Continue Reading →

Planning a Different Place

When I decided to start building up a business plan, I knew I wanted to create a space centered around children and community. I poured over all my lasting memories of times I felt like a misfit caregiver. I examined all the moments that I experienced spectacular service. My reflections and research on building a... Continue Reading →

Who is Bonus Room Serving?

Market analysis, demographics, customers... If this is going to be a business, it seems pretty important to iron out who I am designing Bonus Room for. While most business owners would love to believe they are creating a product for everyone and anyone, I understand that in order to serve your audience well, it's important... Continue Reading →

Ten Pitches and What Am I Doing Here?

What is this, anyway? A blog? There are lots of those. Some written by hobbyists and some written by PhD's. Some are even written by people who don't need a grammar specialist to comb over their tenses. This blog will be different. As I started believing I could build a thing called Bonus Room, I... Continue Reading →

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